Brain Stew
Brain Stew
Released October 10, 1995
June 24, 1996 (As a single)
Genre Punk rock
Length 3:13
Insomniac songs
Stuart and the Ave. Brain Stew Jaded

Brain Stew is the tenth track on Insomniac, as well as the third single from the album released as Brain Stew / Jaded. It was also released as a promotional single by itself.

Song Meaning

Brain Stew is about insomnia which comes from Billie Joe's own insomnia. It is named after Billie Joe' friend, James Washburn aka Brain Stew.

Track Listing

Single CD
No. Title Length
1. "Brain Stew" 3:13

Other Versions

  • A remix was released for the movie Godzilla on May 19, 1998.
Godzilla: The Album
No. Title Length
10. "Brain Stew" (The Godzilla Remix) 3:57


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