Demolicious Green Day

Demolicious is a compilation album by the American punk rock band Green Day. It was released on April 19, 2014 It is a collection of 18 demos including an unreleased track recorded in 2012 for their ¡Uno! '¡Dos! '¡Tré! album trilogy. It was released on double vinyl, CD, and cassette tape. The cover art was designed by comic book artist Tom Neely with Kristina Collantes.

Track Listing:

1. "99 Revolutions" (demo) ¡Tré! 4:06
2. "Angel Blue" (demo) ¡Uno! 2:55
3. "Carpe Diem" (demo) ¡Uno! 3:39
4. "State of Shock"   Previously unreleased 2:28
5. "Let Yourself Go" (demo) ¡Uno! 3:00
6. "Sex, Drugs & Violence" (demo) ¡Tré! 3:25
7. "Ashley" (demo) ¡Dos! 2:47
8. "Fell for You" (demo) ¡Uno! 3:12
9. "Stay the Night" (demo) ¡Uno! 4:40
10. "Nuclear Family" (demo) ¡Uno! 3:03
11. "Stray Heart" (demo) ¡Dos! 3:50
12. "Rusty James" (demo) ¡Uno! 4:15
13. "A Little Boy Named Train" (demo) ¡Tré! 3:57
14. "Baby Eyes" (demo) ¡Dos! 2:15
15. "Makeout Party" (demo) ¡Dos! 3:12
16. "Oh Love" (demo) ¡Uno! 5:13
17. "Missing You" (demo) ¡Tré! 3:41
18. "Stay the Night" (acoustic) previously unreleased mix, original song released on ¡Uno!   3:09

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