This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a wikian's user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page.

How to make a userbox

  1. The first step is to look over the Template:Userboxes. This is the code you'll need to use to make a userbox.
  2. Next, create a template with the name of the userbox. Names of userboxes are generally short.
  3. You can now start to make a userbox. Copy the code from Template:Userboxes and paste it in the new userbox you're making. You can then fill in the fields to create your userbox.

Organizing your userboxes

If you find your userboxes are all over your userpage then feel free to make use of Template:Userboxes and its companion Template:Userboxesend These templates will sort everything between them into a table, making all your userboxes into a nice, clean list. For example,