"Longview" is the first major-label single released by punk band Green Day, from their hit 1994 album, Dookie. The song was the band's first #1 on the Modern Rock chart. The music video for this song received intense airplay on MTV, which is largely credited for breaking Green Day into mainstream popularity. The lyrics describe intense boredom and are about a day spent sitting around the house, doing absolutely nothing of importance, masturbating until it is no longer fun, having no job, and no life. The song captured the attention of many youth at the time with its overt allusions to masturbation. Bassist Mike Dirnt has stated that the famous bass line intro to this song was written one night while he was tripping on acid, and what remains on the album is what he and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong could recall in the morning.


  1. "Longview" - 3:59
  2. "Welcome to Paradise (Live)"
  3. "One of My Lies (Live)"
  • (Live tracks recorded March 11, 1994 at Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, Florida)

Music Video

The video takes place in a dimly-lit basement unit of a house in Berkeley, California that the band used to live in. The band members say that the look was intentionally grungy. This was Green Day's first music video and was directed by Mark Kohr. Cinematography was by Adam Beckman. The video was edited by Bob Sarles, who also edited ZZ Top's "Legs" music video. The "Longview" music video was produced by Robert Caruso of Commotion Pictures for Warner Bros. Records. The video was nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards in 1994: Best Group Video, Best Alternative Video, and Best New Artist.


  • On the original versions of Dookie, the song is titled as "Long View", possibly a mistake, like the titling of "Stuck with Me."
  • Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine covered this as a Tropical Caribbean style song on his 2004 album I'd Like a Virgin.
  • The music video has been critiqued on a popular MTV show of the time, Beavis and Butthead. The band highly approved.
  • Robert Eggplant, of the bands Blatz and The Hope Bombs, can be heard during the lyrics "Call me what you will," singing "What you will," a line he used to shout out at shows before bands would play.
  • The lines in the chorus about going blind is an echo of a popular myth that states constant masturbation will make you go blind.
  • The song was voted number 10 on MuchMusic's "50 Best Virgin Videos".
  • Immediately after filming the music video, Billie Joe turned on the TV to find out that Kurt Cobain was dead.

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