The lyrics to this song were not allowed to be printed in the lyric sheet accompanying the record because of the profanity in the song (or as Billie Joe Armstrong puts it The lyrics "because of lawyer problems due to my potty mouth"). The lyrics are as a follows:

Your rise and fall  
Back up against the wall  
What goes around is coming back and haunting you  
It's time to quit  
Cause you ain't worth the shit  
Under my shoes or the piss on the ground  
No one loves you and you know it  
Don't pretend that you enjoy it or you don't care  
Cause now I wouldn't lie or tell you all the things you want to hear.  
I heard you're sick  
Sucked on that cancer stick  
A throbbing tumor and a radiation high  
Shit out of luck  
And now your time is up  
It brings me pleasure just to know your going to die  
Dickhead, Fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking, asshole,
dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die, HEY  
Red eye, code blue  
I'd like to strangle you  
And watch your eyes bulge right out of your skull  
When you go down  
Head first into the ground  
I'll stand above you just to piss on your grave

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