Slappy is the second EP by Green Day. It was released in the June 22, 1990 through Lookout! Records. Upon its release, several different colors of vinyl were available in limited quantities. Billie Joe Armstrong cited the extended play as the one on which Green Day began to find its sound.


Recorded in a few hours on April 20, 1990 at Art of Ears Studio with Andro Engineering and mixed April 23 in a few more hours. Produced by Andro and Green Day. Mastered by John Golden at K-Disc, Hollywood. front cover photo by Al Sobrante, back Sean Hughes Layout and "Green Day Bitz" by Aaron Cometbus. Green Day's 39/Smooth L.P. and 1,000 Hours E.P. are also available on Lookout.

Track Listing

1. Paper Lanterns 2:23

2. Why Do You Want Him? 2:31

3. 409 in Your Coffeemaker 2:54

4. Knowledge 2:19

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