This information I got from my mother. I'm sure it's entirely accurate. Don't kill me if you're a Billie Joe fan. I am too. It's just sooooooo funny!!!!!! Excuse all grammar mistakes please. Anything I say can and will be used against me in the Court of English Lessons? Oh well the, I'd better shut up and get on with the story, shouldn't I?

The lead-up...

91X is hosting a concert in San Diego, CA. There are a lot of famous bands, and they're all playing late at night, when the crowds are bigger. It's Green Day's first big concert, and they've been offered a slot late at night, but refuse because it's their first big gig and they want a small crowd because they're nervous. They are the first band on, at noon.

The accident...

So, the concert's starting. There are a bunch of families waiting for the more 'child friendly' bands. And this trio with crazy hair and clothes comes on with guitars and drum kits and stuff. They think OK, it's a rock band, whatever. The lead singer comes on... In a nappy. Or a diaper for strange American people. And he's just singing. And, after a few songs, the Accident happens. The nappy (diaper if you prefer the weird way) falls down. And, like the wacko punk he is, Billie Joe wasn't wearing anything under it, or a shirt or anything. Just the nappy. Not diaper, nappy. Nappy. say it: na-pee. Na-pee. Well done. Not diaper. Nappy. And back to the story. Yes, he's standing naked on stage. in front of a lot of children. Lucky they didn't want to play in front of a massive crowd, eh? And, in the words of Porky Pig, tha-tha-th-that's all, f-folks!

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